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Privacy Policy

You are not required to provide any information to us to browse our website or to download company files that are set as "Public" files. But, we log your computer's IP Address when you download a Public file. However, to open a Company Logo Account or to download any secure "Protected, or Private" files, you will need to open a free User Account requiring your email address and full name. And, to download any"Private" files, you will need to request a guest Membership from that company (via email) to join their group of trusted users. If you are designated as a company Contact, your contact information can be viewed by other users as part of normal site operation; and if you download a file while logged in, your contact information will be available for review in that company's download log.

Any information you provide will remain confidential. We will not sell, rent, share or give away any personally-identifying information to other parties for marketing.

If you have questions or comments about our privacy and information-use policy or if you have specific questions about this site, please visit the Contact page on this website.